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What We Do

Downwind Development is a full service owner representative and project management firm. As part of our standard scope of work, we offer the following services:

Site Selection, Feasibility Study and Pre-Development Program

It is important to have Downwind Development involved at the beginning to assist in picking the right site for your proposed project, budget and schedule. Our services include:

  1. Perform preliminary due diligence to confirm the suitability of the site for client's intended use.
  2. Create a project budget outlining the total project cost.
  3. Create a project schedule outlining the process from beginning to project completion.

Pre-Design Through Design Completion

A successful project starts with good design. Downwind Development assists the client in selecting the right design professional for the project and keeping the design team on budget and on schedule. Our services include:

  1. Define the scope of work of the primary design professional and all design sub-consultants.
  2. Assist in selecting primary design professional and the design sub-consultants.
  3. Manage the design team to keep them on schedule and on budget.
  4. Assist the owner with design reviews and Implement value engineering throughout the design process.

Cost Control & Financial Reporting

When working with Downwind Development, you will always be up to speed on the project budget including where the pressures are and opportunities to reduce costs. Our services include:

  1. Manage the total project budget.
  2. Provide cash flow projections showing the anticipated monthly expenses of the project.
  3. Identify pressures on the project budget before they are a problem and identify solutions.
  4. Facilitate value engineering in all aspects of the project to reduce costs.

Pre-Construction through Project Completion and Closeout

Getting a project completed on time and on budget takes more than a great contractor. Our services include:

  1. Identify the best project delivery method.
  2. Define the scope of work of the general contractor and assist in the selection process.
  3. Establish the project policies explaining how the work is to be carried out to insure best value to client.
  4. Negotiate the business points of the construction contract on behalf of the client.
  5. Continue to facilitate "value engineering" with the design and construction team throughout the project.
  6. Manage the contracts and change orders from the design team and contractor.
  7. Monitor the construction draw requests and lien waiver process.
  8. Keep the various representatives up to speed on relevant details as needed.